1Qual: online delivery of Maths & English

UK leading online sub-contractor for tutor lead delivery of Functional Skills Maths & English Qualifications


•To support the widening participation agenda across multiple industries through increasing the opportunity for more individuals and Employers to consider Apprenticeships through offering a flexible learning approach to the Functional Skills component

•Initiated through a collaboration of NHS Employers and an Ofsted registered Grade 2 RoATP Registered Training Provider, JM Excellence in Training

•Offering a heightened focus on flexibility through adopting an online delivery model and creating an alternative provider of Functional Skills qualifications which aims to further meet the needs of both Employers and Employees i.e. increasing volume of staff able to engage in CPD through reducing the volume of time away from work

•Support the Employers with the National drive towards creating a ‘home grown’ workforce of the future through increasing the volume of staff engaging with Apprenticeships through being able to complete the Functional Skills requirements online and with flexibility

Key benefits:

•A heightened focus on flexible learning which helps to reduce time ‘off the job’

•Opportunity for learners to attend a tutor lead session at a time which fits in with needs of employer 

•Focused tutorials with no more than 3 in any online session

•Flexibility for Employers as well as learners with regards to weekly tutorial time slots

•Online reports for primary Apprenticeship Provider and to support Ofsted auditing

•Learners able to attend their tutorial at any location and through logging in to their online 1Qual account on any device (smart phone, tablet, laptop, desktop PC)

How it Works:

•Initiative is operationalised through forming a working partnership with a Government Registered Training provider, JM Excellence in Training

•The following points provide an outline of how staff engage with 1Qual courses:

• Partner NHS Employer or HE Apprenticeship Provider having an initial discussion with a 1Qual Account Manager

•Employers / staff complete the 1Qual learner data record to inform the provider of all core details

•Staff looking to complete their courses complete a learner questionnaire

•Upon completion of the questionnaire, each learner receives an online induction for a course overview and to discuss agreed start dates for weekly online tutorials

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